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Original Templars and Masons

Everyone seems to disagree on this one. Some say there is no connection between Templars and Masons, while others see different degrees of possible links. Some experts are starting to weigh in on this with new information....  [article]

Knights Templar Triennial Conclave

This major event in the Knights Templar world takes place only once every three years.Here is what happened in 2018 at Indianapolis, Indiana....        [See article]

Knights Templar Survivors

Some of the Templars who survived the attack on them in 1307 have had their individual stories told in obscure places, but most of us have never seen them. So here they are....                 [See article]

Masons Templars

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Consider these Knights Templar discoveries......

There are many intriguing new things being discovered about the Knights Templar that are making them much more interesting and relevant to us today.

Survivors of the Knights Templar lived on after 1307 and accomplished some very significant things. We find and document their life stories.

Many Templar buildings have survived but are unknown even to people who walk past them frequently. They contain additional bits of Templar culture and history.

The Templars themselves were much more complex than most people realize. Within their Order they had green-robed clerics who greatly contributed to their financial success and wealth. These brothers have been largely overlooked until now.

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Your humble host on this site is Sir Knight Sanford, an actual Knight Templar. As a professional historian and author, I'm often invited to speak with different groups about recent discoveries regarding the Templars. These are some of the things covered in those discussions, plus some of the discoveries found in recent books and other sources. Enjoy

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